Hilton Head Bike Rentals

With over 30 miles of green, winding trails through Sea Pines, Palmetto Dunes, Forest Beach and the rest of the island, with 19 miles of wide, densely packed sandy beaches, biking is at once exercise, leisure, and an exploration of Hilton Head Island. On the south end of the island, in Sea Pines and Forest Beach, biking can be your primary mode of transportation, the area having trails, beaches, restaurants, grocery stores, hotels and villas, all in a small radius.

Renting bicycles for the whole family is easy and convenient. There are many rental shops in the Forest Beach area, in Sea Pines, along the William Hilton Parkway, and elsewhere. You select your bikes and safety equipment from the assortment of guaranteed-safe equipment and latest grade bicycles, tricycles, or multi-person, surrey bikes. As child safety is first on any parent's mind, available for rent are kiddie carts, tandem bikes, helmets, and anything else you require. Maintained for safety and performance, your rented bikes are available on spot or can be conveniently delivered to wherever you are staying.

For those who aspire to be Lance Armstrong or those who just want to pedal around, take in the island's beauty, Hilton Head Island is a 19 square-mile matrix of trails and roads. Whether for exercise, enjoyment, or both, riding a bike around the island is one of the best ways to get an intimate and good feel for the layout of the land. And in Sea Pines, along the William Hilton Parkway, and other convenient locations, bicycle shops rent and deliver bikes and all necessary safety equipment, so you waste no time for an island ride, with the warm sun on your face and wind in your hair.

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